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In 1994 Gerry was part of the Transitional Executive Council (TEC), facilitating the ANC’s entry into government, she left Pretoria to work with the South African Broadcast Corporation (SABC) as a programme anchor. In 1997 Gerry joined national and international broadcaster M-Net as a continuity announcer and anchor.

Gerry is Master of Ceremonies for product launches, conferences, exhibitions, and other special events. As a motivational speaker, she shares her inspiring story with women of all walks of life. Gerry conducts grooming and presentation workshops for women under the “Gerry and Friends” banner. She uses her celebrity status to get involved in as many social projects as possible. Gerry has been an Aids Ambassador for the Presidents Office and frequently helps the organisation “Reach for a Dream” to make the dreams of terminally ill children come true.

Some of the companies Gerry has represented on stage include Telkom, South African Airways, The South African Chamber of Commerce, MTN, Goldfields, World Online and the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. She has worked for the Ministry of Sport and Recreation and was the MC at President Thabo Mbeki’s inauguration party. Gerry wrote a column for Cosmopolitan Magazine, entitled Out to Lunch with Gerry. She worked with Revlon South Africa as part of their public relations team and was featured in the AGFA David Dodds Most Beautiful Women of South Africa calendar.


Giant Foosball

Comprises of an inflatable perimeter wall and goal posts. Various games are available which are suitable for both big and small groups. Players have to be physically able, however fitness is not a pre-requisite. The different games we are able to organise all provide great fun for both the players and spectators while they build relationships and learn to interact with each other as a team. Includes a powerful music System and qualified paramedic on site.

· Giant Foosball: Players are able to only move from side to side and they are attached to each other. The teams have to overcome their restrictions by synchronising their movements. Teamwork is essential to get to the ball and to pass the ball between team members while trying to score a goal.

· Knee Ball: A ball that is almost a metre in diameter is used, participants may only knee the ball as they try and score goals. Planning and role allocation become increasingly important as the pace of the game picks up.

· Blind Ball: A ball that is one and a half meters in diameter is used. Half the team is able to see they are not allowed to touch the ball. The sighted players have to direct the blindfolded players as they try and score a goal. Clear communication, trust and support are a couple of key elements that become apparent as the teams start to play.

· Giant Marbles: The Goon is placed in the middle of the field the teams objective is to knock the Goon to the oppositions side while standing outside of the field using only the balls provided. Patience, persistence, strategy and adaptability are essential.

Duration: 3 Hours

Inflatable Sports

Inflatable Sports is a giant, colourful inflatable obstacle course providing great spectator value and participation excitement. A powerful sound system is also provided to contributing to the carnival atmosphere.

Teams of participants compete against the clock, as they have to make their way through the obstacle course. The obstacle course has something for everyone and physical strength and fitness is not a pre-requisite to be able to participate. They have various programs that can be “toned” up or down depending on the individual or group.

All that is needed is a large and reasonably flat grass field.
If electricity is not available, not a problem but they have
to know in advance in order to organize for generators. You can rest assured that the area will not be damaged in any way by their equipment.

They are able to run various different programmes and can tailor a course that will meet your requirements. Whether it’s an informal teambuild, a fun day or even a family day they can guarantee you an experience that will “Get your pulse racing”.


Laser War Games

Laser War Games is a combat game, which is safe, environmentally friendly, as well as exciting and challenging. Unlike Paintball the Laser Gun fires a harmless infrared beam up to 120 meter’s either as a gun or a grenade launcher, so no more bruises! Unlimited ammunition and “lives” are included in our rate and no uncomfortable protective gear is needed.

Laser War Games can be played by people of all ages who enjoy the physical and mental challenge of participating in an exciting combat game which is both safe and environmentally friendly. The game system is fully portable and can be taken to most venues and is played outdoors.

Laser War Games is a team game encouraging players to work together to build up team spirit and emphasis can be put on strategy, communication, leadership and teamwork.

The game scenarios include:

· Zero Minus 15 and Counting – a time bomb ticks away in each team’s base. Four code numbers for each team are hidden in the game area. The teams must find the code numbers and return to their base where a marshal will disable the devise – or they will run out of time and their lives!

· Rat Run – a number of mines are placed to cover the designated route across the game area from one base area to another. The mines detonate when approached by a player. To cross the mine field successfully the players should shoot each mine from a safe distance then run through before the mine re-arms (10 seconds). The winner being the fastest to cross from base to base, with a 10 second penalty added for each life lost.

· Blade Runner – two players from one team are designated as “Targets” and given a small number of lives and little ammunition. Two players from the other team are designated as “Hunters” and given a large number of lives but limited ammunition. The remaining members of each team act as protectors for either the “Targets” or the “Hunters”. The “Hunters” must get the “Targets” before the “Targets” get them.

Duration: 2 Hours


Mass Appeal Productions

Mass Appeal Productions is an interactive musical production company that specializes in human resource development and communicating through music corporate values and strategies. The workshops are highly flexible and adaptable to company specific ethos and culture.

Mass Appeal focuses on forming closer and more intimate bonds within the corporate environment. We recognize that individuals within the company offer different strengths and weaknesses, by coming together to play music, participants experience their own unique value as indispensable to the success of the whole; they are able to experience first hand the benefits, harmony and synergy of working together as a team.

Before the drum circle we perform a Corporate Needs Assessment to encourage Input from the Companies Management and to research the Corporate Philosophy so as to ensure the companies aims, objectives and culture, are met in the development of motivational themes that can be communicated in the songs and music the employees create.

Mass Appeal realizes the unique challenges and complexities of the South African work environment and the role drumming can play in accessing creative energy and a sense of unity. Music has the tremendous potential of opening the individual to experiences beyond the everyday situations; our techniques allow employees to find their own rhythms within their team, which is a powerful tool for individuals to recognize each other’s talents and abilities, thereby learning to complement each other.

The challenge is to ensure that each person feels that they are an integral part of the process and that there rhythmic output contributes to the group’s performance, increasing team spirit. Drumming is also about personal growth, the interactive nature of sound focuses the mind and undivided attention helps to let go of typical mental distractions that interfere with being centered and energized. Participants become conscious of the need to be adaptable flexible and open to fresh thoughts and ideas, quickly learning to explore and conform to previously untried and different rhythms.

Mass appeal corporate workshops are a superb tool for conflict resolution, we assist to identify key areas of difference and utilize methods of using the conflict to stay ahead, where the disagreement is seen as the indicator of necessity for new and improved methods of motivation and communication that birth innovative solutions to old problems.

Corporate Drumming can be used to Facilitate:

· Change Management
· Greater levels of Self esteem and Self confidence
· Introducing new Corporate Concepts and Cultures
· Enabling Corporate Identity
· Team Building and Motivation
· Leadership Development
· Conflict Resolution

Corporate Workshop Structure:

Introductory Circle:
Depending on the size of the group, people introduce and tell a bit about themselves, their lives and what they hope to get out of the workshop.

Warm Up:
Use familiarization techniques and patterns to involve participants in the spirit of the workshop.

C.O.A.C.H Process:
Introduces the ground rules for musical development that can be applied to life and team building skills, providing the intellectual link up between thought and implementation.

An overview of the 5 Coach elements:
Audible ready

Verbal Rhythm Weave
A really fun process where delegates develop the song that will be used to support corporate aims, objectives and key values. Employee’s breakaway from the group to create the chants and slogans for the song they will perform.

Music Development
Participants sit in a circle and actively make music together, learning simple rhythms, which create a strong sense of group identity and belonging. The group is typically split into 3 or more instrument types:
· Stick drum section
· Hand drum, Djembe
· Percussion

We work on rhythm structure, where each group watches and listens to the other group develop. That has direct correlations to the workplace in the development of tolerance understanding and synergy between people and departments.
The different groups rhythms are then transformed into a true musical performance that encapsulates the Companies Mission and Corporate Culture.

Facilitation Handover
Volunteers are encouraged to conduct the music, inspiring leadership and initiative.

Closing Circle
An overview and debriefing of key learning’s and insights.

Mass Appeal workshops are highly interactive and adaptable to specific corporate needs and objectives.

Other Programs Available:

· Conference Performances and Energizing Participants
· Aids Awareness
· Schools
· Drumming for Abuse Rehabilitation

Endorsements for Mass Appeal:

Everyone from old to young had a blast. What was particularly amazing was that you cold could get such a diverse group working together so quickly and with such harmony. It was probably the first time that our managers could actually feel what it means to work together.
Auditor General, June 2000.

“The interactions enhanced and nurtured a feeling of community spirit, and developed, the relationship with the local community members; it unveiled skills, promoted talent and inspired further learning and teamwork.”
Conservation Corporation, June 2000.

“Mass Appeal transformed a number of miners from a level of drumming incompetence to an astounding group of performers who played an integral part in the launch event. Glynn and Miriam instilled discipline and education into the group though their professionalism as well as their efforts to every member of the drumming circles the opportunity to optimally develop. Their pleasant manner and positive attitude towards the drummer’s has been astounding. They work they do makes dealing with them a pleasant experience and I can highly recommend them.”
Anglo Gold launch.

Other Refrences….

Mr Grenville Wilson – CEO – Avis Southern Africa
Mr Gavin Atkinson – Divisional Manager Client Sales – Discovery Health Care- 350 participants
Tupperware – 700 Participants
Coca Cola – Launch of “BIBO” fruit juices

Conclusion :

Playing music, as part of a group is a unique opportunity for employees to learn how to be part of a team while still having the opportunity to express their individual creative talents in structured ways. Results of drumming sessions indicate increased cooperation, improved problem solving skills and enhanced workplace synergy.



Steve Barnett is a motivational non-speaker who performs internationally with audiences ranging from 25 to 25 000 people. His presentations are completely non-verbal, yet he draws out the rhythm and energy of the audience by incorporating drums, percussion, theatre, humour and mime, which all become an integral part of the presentation both physically and visually.

The experience unites the audience, creating a collective response and strong sense of teamwork. Cultural, social and language barriers are forgotten as the progression from sound to music and from simple beats to more complex rhythms emerges. Everyone is orchestrated to integrate with the music and movement on stage in a way that focuses, empowers and is thoroughly entertaining.

Steve’s presentations are comic, uplifting, healing, spiritual and great fun. They touch the common human elements that we all share, bringing out the underlying theme of changing perceptions and transformation. You will be moved!


Well-known South African musician Chris Tokalon is both a saxophonist and flautist. He is available as a solo musician or in ensembles to brighten up any special occasion and performs a variety of favourite jazz and African standards. Chris had been performing in jazz bands, musicals and theatre events since 1980. He is currently involved in the seven-piece band Kwassa Nkemba, which performs an exciting selection of African jazz originals from their CD entitled One World Music, released to wide acclaim from the music industry and public alike.

Kwassa Nkemba is the ideal party or function band. The band members dress in traditional West African outfits and perform a large variety of vibrant dance rhythms and styles, i.e. West African, South African and Samba. They are also able to play background music if required.

Chris is also a comedian who is able to skillfully imitate Madiba, Satchmo and the trumpet, perfectly and hilariously accompanied to music or as a “special guest” speaker to add humour and lightness to corporate presentations.



Famous South African musician Chris Tokalon offers a fun-filled and inspiring alternative to conventional corporate teambuilding events, his is a humorous and/or holistic approach to the often-overlooked aspect of corporate wellbeing.

The event starts with interactive music making (not drumming!) conducted by this skilled musician, comedian and impersonator. The music performed by delegates or staff members is simple and suitable for any level of musicianship and involves the use of plastic pipes of varying length and pitch, hand clapping, finger-snapping and voice. All of this is completely interactive and hilarious. Chris plays sax or mouth trumpet and does Satchmo impersonations with the rest of the “band”. The simple rhythms performed by the delegates create co-operation and rapport within the group and a wonderful sense of fun and unity is the end result.

The second phase, which is a ‘sound journey’, can be conducted as a separate event or in conjunction with the above. Participants close their eyes and allow themselves to be ‘massaged’ and mesmerised by a variety of soothing, harmonious sounds produced live by Chris and his team as they walk around the participants. Some of the instruments used are flute, didgeridoo, Tibetan bowl, bells and voice, along with evocations of natural sounds. These powerful and evocative sound-waves massage the body on a cellular level and are guaranteed to create revitalization, calmness and a sense of harmony, qualities necessary for enhanced interaction and productivity in groups or individuals. The uplifting and stress-relieving qualities of music and humour are known and documented worldwide – when combined they are bound to produce an unforgettable and transformational event.

ABOUT Entertainment has an exciting catalogue of high calibre polished teambuilding acts.

Contact us with your requirements so we can make the best suggestions