Ingqayizivele Amazulu Ngoma Dancers

Ingqayizivele Amazulu Ngoma Dancers is from Newcastle in kwaZulu Natal. The group consists of 25 members both males and females who worked hard to be established as Traditional Zulu Dancers.

The group was formed in 1985 by Mr. N.A Mahlaba, a teacher whose aim is to ensure that
traditional dancing, which plays a major role in the Zulu culture, is preserved for future
generation and also to keep the youth away from drugs and crime.

Their excellent performance has resulted in their involvement with traditional dance
competitions throughout South Africa as well as outside the borders. They have
participated in competitions and were given national television coverage. During their
performances the group won five major competitions namely:

The Natal Championships held in Ulundi
The Amabele Breweries competition in Durban
The Igugu competition in Vryheid
The Northern Natal Champ of Champions competition at Durnacol
The Inqolobane Yama Gugu Akwa Zulu competition held at Ulundi

The group has also performed in various overseas countries:

Their first tour was in 1993 where they were invited to perform in Russia, Barcelona and Mallorca.
In 1994 they were invited to perform in Turkey.
In 1995 they were invited to participate in the competition held in Spain, where they were
competing with hundred and fifty groups from all over the world and they got position three, they
were the only group which represented South Africa.

In April 1996 the group was invited to perform in London after Queen Elizabeth saw the group
performing in Durban ICC, during the Nelson Mandela Inauguration.

In October 1996 the group also got an invitation to perform in Brazil after a Brazilian Business man
saw them performing live in London. (The festival was broadcast by BBC)

In South Africa they were the main group who performed during Iwisa Maize Meal spectacular at the FNB
Stadium, today the event is called Telkom Charity Cup, the group has also performed in Durban ICC during
the OAU members meeting.

In 2001 Ingqayizivele Amazulu Ngoma Dancers was one of the groups that performed in the Grahams town

Ingqayizivele Amazulu Ngoma Dancers were also featured in Lucky Dube’s video called Ayobayoba; in that
video they performed live in one of the biggest festival, which was held in Johannesburg at Ellis Park

Recently the group was invited to entertain guest at the wedding of the National Parks board CEO’s daughter in
Midrand (Johannesburg), catching the eyes of Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi, 1st lady Mrs Zanele Mbheki and Mr Tito

Umzansi Zulu Dancers

The Zulu nation is a nation of proud warriors. Their tradition of song and dance goes back to the sixteenth century. When the warriors returned home victorious from war, the WarLord, their families and the whole community in wild celebrations of song, dance, cheering and screaming would greet them. This is where the tradition of Zulu song and dance began. It became custom that every Zulu boy be taught the tribal dances and songs of his nation. Not only were the traditional dances performed on the warriors return, but also at weddings, and feast celebrations as they became a symbol of joy, happiness and respect.

The Zulu dance and song tradition spread to may other Black South African Groups, and groups can be seen performing in parks, street corners and Mine compounds for the sheer joy of it.

This is how the Umzansi Zulu Dancers came together. They comprise a group of young men all from the rural village of Kitsdrift in Natal in the area known as Emsinga. They came to work in various places in Johannesburg, but lived together in the George Goch Men’s Hostel. Since they were not used to the city life and had no friends in Johannesburg, each weekend they were drawn together and sang and danced their traditional songs from their rural home.

When Gallo GRC Producer, West Nkosi was in Paris in March 1987, he was approached by a French Jazz Festival promoter, who asked him to track down a group of Zulu dancers he had seen featured in a Johnny Clegg video. On his return to South Africa, West located the Umzansi Dancers and immediately set about organizing passports for them so that they could travel to France with him to perform at a major Jazz Festival in Angulem. The audience went wild after the performance – to see Zulu Dancers in action was a unique experience for a French audience. The response was so great, that they were approached by a second promoter who sent them touring throughout France, covering major cities such as Riemes, Paris, Tarbes and Warrion, where the audiences just wouldn’t let them leave the stage! The group also spent five days at the famous Niem Bull Festival, which is attended by over 250 000 International visitors! The Umzansi Zulu Dancers in fact led the Bull’s procession through the town, daily.

While touring in France with the Umzansi Zulu Dancers, West Nkosi discovered that not only were the group phenomenal dancers, but they could sing as well! As soon as they returned to South Africa, West organised a studio and recorded their debut album “Bayekeleni” meaning “Let Them Be”.

Vuka International Cultural Group

Based in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga and surrounds.
A professionally choreographed, and performed spectacular multicultural 1- hour show of singing, dancing and music.

Using the theme of “Masks” inter weaved throughout the performances.
Featuring a cast of 115 dancers and musicians in traditional costumes.
“Vuka” takes the audience on a musical journey from Africa (Swazi, Ndebele, Bapedi, Zulu, Kwaito, Boere dans and Gumboots) to Europe (Tap) to Indian and Latin American. Also incorporating a performance by a Youth Gospel Choir, Drummers and a Marimba band.


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