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Andre the Amazing Hypnotist has toured the length and breadth of South Africa, packing theatres to overflow with his awesome hypnosis and showmanship.
He is the only South African stage hypnotist to perform nationwide and make a successful career out of it. As a well-known and respected entertainer, he has people returning to his performances time and again.

Volunteers on Andre’s stage go on an imaginary roller coaster ride, milk cows, drive cars with square wheels, do ballet and break-dancing and many more hilariously exciting and wonderful things.

Andre studied psychology and hypnosis in Britain and the U.S.A. He is chairman of the South African branch of the British Council of Professional Stage Hypnotists. Andre does at least one hypnotist course a year, which he sources from various hypnotism schools worldwide, he says, “You can never be over qualified, and I like to keep up with international trends”.
Andre describes hypnosis as a voluntary state, produced by a central focus of attention that increases the concentration of the mind, the relaxation of the body and sensitivity to suggestions.

Hypno-humor with Andre is a lot of fun!”


Max Kaan
Mr. Hypnosis, Mr. Entertainment

Max Kaan has been hypnotising people since 1979. Trained by eminent hypnotists Arthur Riley and Robert Halpern, he studied in the United Kingdom and the U.S.A.. In 1986 Max became the British School of Hypnotists youngest ever grand master hypnotist, when he successfully fended off the challenges of some twenty other hypnotists.

He is a member of several hypnotic organisations, including: The British School of Hypnotists, The South African Association of Hypnotists, The South African Institute of Hypnosis and the Eastern Cape School of Hypnosis.

Max Kaan is truly South Africa’s international hypnotist, having performed in the U.K., U.S.A. and Europe. From the moment he takes centre stage with all the aplomb of a stand-up comedian, to when the house erupts in hysteria from the antics of his subjects, Max entertains his audience with a truly professional presentation.

It’s not uncommon for audiences to be leaning forward in their seats, staring in absolute wonder and disbelief at the phenomena unfolding before their eyes, and the next moment rolling back in uncontrollable laughter.

You never know what surprises are in store at this show! Here’s what the audience says:

“Hysterically funny and great entertainment.”
“The most convincing hypnotist ever.”
“Not just a show but an experience.”

ABOUT Entertainment has an exciting catalogue of high calibre polished hypnotist acts.

Contact us with your requirements so we can make the best suggestions