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Born at an early age in the little English village of Wedlock. (Well, not exactly in the village, but just a little outside it.)  His father was a contortionist and his mother a mindreader, so from birth Mauro was blessed with hindsight.

At school, Mauro took all the first prizes for athletics (until he was caught and made to put them back).  At university Mauro obtained masters degree in medieval plumbing, and was made Honorary Chugalug of the Varsity Highball team.  Mauro has become world famous in Bez Valley, and his brand of entertainment has taken him as far afield as Benoni, Boksburg, Brixton; his name appearing in a big book – the Johannesburg telephone directory.

Apart from his wide experience (both here and overseas) in restaurant, cabaret, club and stage entertainment, Mauro has been involved in product launches, conferences and training seminars – tailoring his unique mixture of HUMUOR AND ILLUSION to corporate or product launches.

Mauro is your ideal choice for your next social or corporate function, motivational, speaker balloon modeller, table-hooper, mc, fire-eater and illusionist.



“Excuse me, can you tell me the time?” oops… you lost your watch… Larry must be close by. When you arrived half an hour ago it was 8 p.m. now it is 11 p.m.! What is happening? … Time can fly! Larry is getting closer. You want to use the perfectly good fork at your table setting? … Oops, it bends, twists and contorts in your hand… Larry must be very close now. Has he got your attention now? You bet!
Here he is Ladies and gentlemen, South Africa’s own child prodigy magician,
Larry Soffer, well not quite a child anymore but as he has grown, so has his amazing skill as a magician.

With 14 years in the business, 19 year old, Cape based Larry is a master close-up magician. He currently specialises in metal bending, card and coin tricks and is up to date with the latest in close up magic. Larry has performed his personal brand of illusion in front of hundreds of people ranging from pop stars to presidents always with perfection. He studied magic at the legendary College of Magic from which he graduated with a Silver medal. Larry has won the Western Cape Provincial Magic Championships for three years running and the National Magic Championships (which only take place every three years) in 1999 and 2002!

In 2001 Larry gave a private performance for members of the international rock band Hooty & the Blowfish who have “seen it all” before, but nothing like this, his skills really impressed these tough customers. Larry also performed up close and personal for Minister Trevor Manual. He has performed for top South African corporates Pick ‘n Pay, SPAR, Audi and Rennies Travel amongst others.

If you are tired of the same “old” performers performing the same “old” material at your function, then allow Larry to add his zest to your event, this young man’s incredible talent will astound both you and your guests


Robin Boltman for Magic & Comedy

Robin Boltman has been a professional entertainer since 1984.
He has worked on cruise liners that have taken him all over the world.
From performances at the Super Bowl, Extravaganzas and numerous
Corporate and product launches, his brand of English and Afrikaans
Magic and Comedy has always been well received.

From performing on cruises down the Nile, or with delegates from
SFW in a Lear Jet, the exiting world of Magic has let him rub shoulders
with some wonderful people. Ernie Els’s Golf Day at Fancort, The Million-Dollar Golf at Sun City and the Thunder in Africa with Lennox Lewis are just a few
Magical memories.

In 1991 the Oceanos sank off the Wild Coast. Robin and a group of cruise staff and entertainers took over the rescue operations on board, when most of the officers and crew took to the lifeboats. Robin took over the abandoned bridge to maintain contact with the SADF, and not a single life was lost. The SA Magic Council struck a medal in his honour inscribed…”for bravery and outstanding service to magic”

In 1994 it all happened again, this time on the Achille Lauro. Four lives were lost on this day but the Robin and the entertainers played a major role during this drama. After drifting for several hours in life rafts off the Somali Coast, they were rescued by ships that had responded to the Mayday.

Despite all of this, cruising still takes up some of his time. The Island of St.Helena celebrated its 500 years, and Robin was on the RMS to entertain the guests and Islanders with Magic and Golf -which is probably funnier!

Besides the show Robin is also now performing for Companies and Schools doing a video presentation of the shipping drama. It’s an insight on the two events and Robin will take the audience through the unfolding footage, which deals with issues on “working under stress, maintaining a sense of humour and the importance of teamwork.”



Imagine seeing a wine glass, standing in isolation, bend before your eyes… Imagine seeing a fork twist and contort in your own hand… Imagine seeing your very own personal items suddenly come to life, animate and float… Add to this world-class sleight-of-hand and a dry sense of humour and you will come close to the astonishing world of Ryan Blumenthal. With 15 years in the business, Ryan is a master close-up magician. He currently specialises in metal bending and is up to date with the latest in corporate magical happenings overseas. He has performed all over South Africa, in the UK, Zimbabwe, the Maldives, Martinique, Mauritius and Portugal, in front of thousands of people ranging from street children to presidents with his timeless magic.

Ryan studied magic with the legendary David Copperfield and David Blaine. He gave a private performance for President Nelson Mandela and other members of parliament and he performed at the 30th year Republic ceremony for the President of the Maldives and for Club Med in Martinique in 2000 and 2001. Ryan has performed at top South African restaurants and hotel chains including the Beacon Isle Hotel, Sun International, Protea Hotels, Karos Hotels and private game lodges. He has lectured to Rotary and on Radio 702 and performed live on KTV. Ryan regularly performs for charity organisations and township schools. His multinational corporate clients include SAB, Spar International, Abercromby & Kent, Lithotec-International, Medacs and Rio-Tinto.

He is a member of the British Inner Magic Circle. In 2003 he will be entering the World Magic Championships at The Hague in the Netherlands.

If you are tired of the same old performers performing the same old material at your function, then seriously consider Ryan’s cutting-edge entertainment, you will never forget the experience of seeing him perform up-close and live


ABOUT Entertainment has an exciting catalogue of high calibre polished magic acts.

Contact us with your requirements so we can make the best suggestions